• Ash


    A hellspawn with mind- and body-influencing talents
  • Cat


    A young witch with the power to shapeshift into animal forms
  • Celeste


    A novice channeller who learned her skills without the sanction of the Orders
  • Dain


    A young dwarven warrior corrupted mind and body by an unknown power
  • Erzette


    (DECEASED) A hard-bitten, cynical and manipulative witch and Dust dealer.
  • Felix Genovese

    Felix Genovese

    (DECEASED) The former clan chief of the Wardens.
  • Hubert


    The Warden's canny old Master-at-Arms
  • Jed


    A cruel and thuggish former Warden new blood.
  • Lord Alfred and Lady Penelope de Alicorn

    Lord Alfred and Lady Penelope de Alicorn

    Celeste's adoptive parents; once respected nobility, they are now fugitives alongside their daughter
  • Millibeth


    Ash's mother; a poised, thoughtful woman who once ran a brothel in the Warrens.
  • Ox 


    A dim-witted, belligerent psychopath and former Warden new-blood.
  • Sister Prudence and Friar Ernest

    Sister Prudence and Friar Ernest

    A stern brother-sister team, both competent channellers, who help run the orphanage
  • z Barda

    z Barda

    Nobody crosses Barda and walks away
  • z Bernac

    z Bernac

    I do what I must to protect the forgotten ones
  • z Brik-n-Brac

    z Brik-n-Brac

    An enigmatic two headed monkey. Brilliant and Simple.
  • z Jayce

    z Jayce

    There must be a solution that doesnt involve violence
  • z Millie Cobble

    z Millie Cobble

    A mousey woman who is very reserved.
  • z Robin Baker

    z Robin Baker

    A young man with a lean build and nimble fingers.
  • z Rohan Smith and Julie Weaver

    z Rohan Smith and Julie Weaver

    Partners in Delving