The Warden's canny old Master-at-Arms


An old man with long white hair and a full beard; he appears straight-backed and vigorous despite his age. yyy.png


Hubert had been responsible for the martial training of Warden new-bloods for decades. What was less well known was that he was also experienced in instructing talenters and channellers both in how to enhance their powers and in how to employ those powers in combat. It is his tutelage that has transformed the Slum Witches into a remarkably formidable team. Where he gained this knowledge from is a mystery: he refuses to speak of his life before the Wardens.

Hubert is a tough taskmaster, who rarely shows approval. Even Celeste's slender frame and noble background didn't spare her from Hubert's grueling regimen of physical and magical training. However, as the Slum Witches have matured, they have come to realise Hubert's approach is born not of callousness, but out of a sincere desire to help them survive and achieve great things.

Though he does his best to improve all four of the Slum Witches, he has formed a special bond with Cat and Dain. He admires Cat's sincere and diligent nature, and is charmed by Dain's somewhat unhinged plain-spokenness and lack of pretension. Conversely, he despairs of Ash's roguish antics and Celeste's amoral self-interest.


As the Templars continued to extend their reach into the Warrens, Hubert found himself conflicted. His loyalty to the Wardens in general, and Felix and the Slum Witches in particular, was iron-clad. But he knew that the Templars were far too powerful to be openly resisted, and could see no way to reconcile that fact with Felix's prideful defiance and the Slum Witches' increasingly indiscrete flaunting of their powers.

The matter was further complicated when he fell in love with the gentle and reclusive witch, Millie. Her association with him and the Slum Witches placed her in danger, but abandoning her to face the mercies of the Warrens alone seemed unthinkable.

In the end, the destruction of the Wardens brutally resolved his dilemma. They were all now fugitives with nothing to lose but each other.


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