A cruel and thuggish former Warden new blood.


A tall and lanky young man with a thin face permanently set in a sneer. Jed.png


Jed is the epitome of the bitter street rat: a young man with a troubled and violent childhood which has transformed him into a sadistic bully. As outsiders and freaks, he relentlessly tormented the Slum Witches throughout their childhood.

This changed when his attempts to steal Ash's rapier-cane backfired spectacularly. In the incident, he was convincingly beaten and humiliated by the adolescent Slum Witches, and was then subject to a lengthy series of punishments by Felix and the formidable Sister Prudence and Friar Ernest for kidnapping a young girl as part of his plan. He has kept his distance from the Slum Witches since, but it is clear that he dreams of revenge.

As a Warden new-blood he has received martial training, and is something of a prodigy with a bow. In fact, he has already been blooded, despite not being a full clan member: he was used as a rooftop marksman in a clan operation and slew no less than three enemies – a fact he is quick to bring up at every opportunity.


The Slum Witches defeated Jed and Ox’s team in gladiatorial combat, thereby earning themselves the rank of full clan brothers in the Wardens. However, the win meant Jed and Ox would be denied the same promotion for at least another year. Rather than accepting the defeat with good grace, Jed attempted to get the result invalidated – when he was sternly rebuffed, he and Ox stormed off never to return to the Warden fold.

Jed and Ox were last seen in the ranks of the Red Shivs, having secured a place for themselves in the violent and bigoted clan.


Following the assassination of the Red Shiv leadership, the Templars took over their lair relegating the Shivs themselves to the role of menial servants. Jed and Ox's current circumstances remain unknown.


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