Ash's mother; a poised, thoughtful woman who once ran a brothel in the Warrens.


A tall, regal woman dressed in simple, but tasteful clothing; a smattering of grey in her hair belies the agelessness of her face. Millibeth.png


Millibeth was the madam of the Fiery Harlot, a brothel in the Warrens. The brothel was located on the border of four clan territories, and Millibeth had managed to cleverly negotiate herself into a position of relative independence. She always had the welfare of her girls foremost in her mind, and did much to protect them from the violence and abuse inherent in their profession. In fact, she was something of a living legend in her neighbourhood. People often sought her out to resolve disputes, and she could always be counted on to provide support to those in genuine need.

Millibeth has watched her son grow up with a mixture of affection and sadness. She understands that Courtney doesn't intuitively understand compassion – possibly as a result of his heritage – but takes solace from the fact he at least tries in his own superficial way. She is wary of the influence of the unbalanced Dain and selfish Celeste on her son, but is clearly fond of Cat, encouraging their friendship at every opportunity.

Millibeth carries herself with a poise and equanimity rarely found in the slums. She never raises her voice and rarely condemns others outright. Rather, when seeking to change others' minds, she uses clever questioning techniques and hypothetical scenarios to get others to question their assumptions and to put themselves in others' shoes.


The Templars raided the Fiery Harlot as part of their increasing witch-hunting efforts and hauled Millibeth away, though it is unclear whether it was because they thought her a witch or because she had aided and sheltered witches. She would have been consigned to the Iron Citadel, never to be seen again … except that, in her own words, she was able to “call in some old favours”. Whoever or whatever it was she invoked was able to free her by slaughtering her captors, an entire squad of a dozen Templars, including an Inquisitor.

For now, she seems to have found sanctuary of a sort in the estate of the sinister Vladaam family. When Ash and his friends managed to track her down she was impressed and touched by their resourcefulness, perseverance and loyalty. However, she made it clear that it was now time for Ash to find his own way without her guidance.


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