A dim-witted, belligerent psychopath and former Warden new-blood.


A very tall powerfully-built brute; his vacant eyes and stooped posture somehow convey an air of menace. Ox.png


Ox is Jed's constant companion and rarely leaves his side. Taciturn and indifferent to most things, he comes alive at the opportunity to commit violence. Whereas Jed at least has an understanding of the consequences of their dark deeds – if they're caught – Ox simply wants to smash heads and watch people scream. If Jed were to let Ox off his leash, it would be very bad news indeed. Though still a new-blood, he was one of the most fearsome warriors in the Wardens. His strength is unequalled, he's shown surprising skill with weapons despite his dimness, and he seems quite immune to pain and fear.

Ash once saved Ox's life and Ox hates him for it, for even he grasps the fact that clan honour dictates that he now owes Ash a life boon. Attempting to collect on it may not be wise.


The Slum Witches defeated Jed and Ox’s team in gladiatorial combat, thereby earning themselves the rank of full clan brothers in the Wardens. However, the win meant Jed and Ox would be denied the same promotion for at least another year. Rather than accepting the defeat with good grace, Jed attempted to get the result invalidated – when he was sternly rebuffed, he and Ox stormed off never to return to the Warden fold.

Jed and Ox were last seen in the ranks of the Red Shivs, having secured a place for themselves in the violent and bigoted clan.


Following the assassination of the Red Shiv leadership, the Templars took over their lair relegating the Shivs themselves to the role of menial servants. Jed and Ox's current circumstances remain unknown.


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