Sister Prudence and Friar Ernest

A stern brother-sister team, both competent channellers, who help run the orphanage


An aging man and woman dressed in the plain garb of the Order of Sol; the default expression on their faces suggests that they disapprove of everything they see. M_M.png


Sister Prudence and Friar Ernest have been working at the orphanage for as long as anyone can remember. They are twins, and almost never leave each others' company. In fact, their personalities are so similar that they are considered a single person by most. They are dubbed the Harridans, though never to their face, for Ernest acts every bit as much the waspish and sharp-tongued crone.

Cat and Dain were terrified of the pair as young children. Indeed, they were strict taskmasters and unforgiving disciplinarians to all the orphanage's charges. However, as she grew older, Cat began to see another side to them. Of all the adults she knew, they were the only ones who treated her no differently because of her appearance. In fact, as Cat matured, and repeatedly demonstrated her helpful and generous nature, Prudence and Ernest's role as strict overseers morphed into one of fiercely protective adoptive parents. This was largely true for all the orphanage's children that demonstrated kind-heartedness, but the pair clearly see Cat as very special indeed.

Both Sister Prudence and Friar Ernest are competent channellers. This makes them a keystone of the local community, and they spend much of their days using their magic to heal the injuries and illnesses of the local people.


The pair grew ever more concerned at the increasing influence and fanaticism of the Templars, especially as it encroached on the Order of Sol and affected their commitment to providing a safe environment for the orphans in their care – especially those who may develop magical talents and would find precious little succour anywhere else. Then their superior, Friar Magnus, all but ordered them to distance themselves from Cat and the other Slum Witches for fear of political consequences from the Templars. Outraged by his demand, the idealistic siblings made it clear to Cat that they would stand by her, political consequences be damned.

The visit by Atrias the archon, followed by the destruction of the Warden headquarters and the Slum Witches' subsequent retreat into hiding, have given the sister and friar some breathing space from Magnus's politically pragmatic demands. But it is only a matter of time before their refusal to compromise their principles will once again put them in conflict with the order they serve.


Sister Prudence and Friar Ernest

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