z Brik-n-Brac

An enigmatic two headed monkey. Brilliant and Simple.


An enigmatic two headed monkey who shares the same body joined at the waist. One head, Brac, is highly intelligent will the other, Brik, is very simple minded.



A single entity duo who is shrouded in mystery. One head is highly intelligent with an interest in the arcane while the other is very simple minded. Brik-n-Brac collects and sells artifice, however due to his unusual appearance and the products that he sells he takes measures to ensure his security from moving shop after set intervals, setting up elaborate illusions to scare off the curious, and having a ballista aimed toward oncoming parties.

Brik-n-Brac has a reputation with those who know about his existence and those who deal with him do so at their own risk. He is largely and unknown factor on The Rock as no one knows where his loyalties lie.

Brac has also known to lower his asking price on certain items provided that the person is willing to be his test subject for whatever new artifice he has come across.

z Brik-n-Brac

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