z Millie Cobble

A mousey woman who is very reserved.


A mousy woman who is very reserved. Wisps of grey can be seen in her hair and a few worry lines crease her face. Her soft blue eyes are often down cast as she rarely meets another person’s gaze until she is comfortable with them.



Millicent Cobble, commonly known as Millie, was once the housekeeper for Lorekeeper Theodore. Unofficially it was thought that she was also in a romantic relationship with Theodore, a fact which was later substantiated after Theodore’s death by his providing a secure home for her.

She is a witch who possesses the ability of being able to read an objects history. Even though the power is minor it was enough that her neighbours feared her because it. Being so reserved she became a shut in out of fear and over the months her style of life degraded because of it.

When Celeste offered her the opportunity to leave her old home and come to live with the Wardens she gratefully accepted.

She is currently in a relationship with Hubert.

z Millie Cobble

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