z Rohan Smith and Julie Weaver

Partners in Delving


Childhood friends Rohan Smith and Julie Weaver left the artisans district to become a successful, if low tier, delving partnership. They first encountered the HEROES during the night of revelry at the Warden’s Headquarters where Rohan was seduced by Courtney (aka Lord Ashenglow).

When the Templars started to make their move against the witches Rohan and Julie both went into hiding, however they were later betrayed by someone they had thought they could trust and were captured. Imprisoned in the Red Shiv headquarters Rohan and Julie were later rescued by the HEROES and after a daring escape in which their powers were instrumental. Celeste offered them a place to stay however this was to be short lived as with the attack on the Warden’s headquarters by the Templars resulted the group having to flee towards the fringes.

Julie Weaver:

A strong independent woman who believes she can make it without needing a man. Rather than being typecast into what she saw as a female profession she set out to prove that she is just as capable as anyone else. It was she who realised the potential of Rohan’s ability and was the leading force in the duo becoming a delving team. Julie has the ability to enhance another witches abilities and by combining this ability with Rohan’s own ability they have been very successful at low level delving while avoiding traps and other threats.

Rohan Smith:

Feeling oppressed by how his family said how he was meant to act and what kind of life he should be living Rohan gladly chose to go with Julie when she presented him the opportunity to strike out with her and discover his own way in life. While he is often insecure and unsure about himself he looks for guidance from Julie. Rohan has the ability to form a mental map of the area allowing him to find secret rooms, avoid dangers and artifice missed by other delving groups.

z Rohan Smith and Julie Weaver

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