Episode 1-4

My Dearest Diary,

Sincerest apologies, Diary. I have been terribly neglectful in recording my memoirs of late. A fault that I will remedy presently. This past week has been full of excitement, as is to be expected when you hold the esteem of one such as myself. Where to begin? The arena!

Giant bear vs giant scorpion. Yes.

I, honestly, played no part in winning that fight. Acrobats were to be our next opponents. The acrobats – the Needles! The fight started just as is expected in the arena. We all stepped out, and I set my skills to playing to the audience, leaving the fighting to the other three.

Nothing too surprising, Diary. Cat mauled, Dain hammered. I sparked a fire in the audience! A fire matched by the less metaphysical one Celeste set to roast our opponents. Cat went down to their synchronous movements. Forgive me, Diary, for mentioning their elegance of those movements. Flustered, Diary, I couldn’t help but be a touch flustered! Which is why I was pierced so by their rapiers. Of course, Diary, we won out in the end.

The next fight went as smoothly. I played the part of imaginary archer, infiltrating the mind of their striker – the four armed, double-bow wielder. Dain and Cat handled a giant scythe wielder, who said brute force accomplishes nothing!

Celeste exploded a guy. Diary. He had oil on his hip. And she exploded him.

The team collaborated to finish off a resilient young man. Another spectacle, Diary, another spectacle to be sure.

This is where things get interesting, Diary. Lucian, arena organiser, offered a bargain; throw the fight and receive winnings equal to the victors! Well, Diary, I was all for the idea. At the very least, we should accept the offer, then attempt to win anyway! The others, however, were against both options. I understand our mismatched ideals, Diary, but this time I truly got no answers on my moral mistake. A question for Ma-ma in the future.

It was unfortunate, Diary, that Lucian picked up on my intent to cross him. I’m unsure why it was such an issue, Diary. My, how he did glow with his anger. It appears it was wrong, somehow, to tell Lucian we’d accept his deal without the full intention to follow our part of the bargain. Really though, Diary, how was I to have known?

Well, it became utterly transparent that what I’d said had more than slighted the man. Our next opponents outclassed us severely. Or, to clarify, their new stand-in did. Single handed, he struck Cat and myself down in no more than four movements. The grace of the acrobats didn’t compare.

It gets fuzzy from here, Diary. I was, after all, quite dead. My understanding, however, is that Dain exited the ring and led a mob of the crowd to Lucian. Apparently they were less than pleased. An official looking gentleman in the crowd – Alexis, I’d learn – handled the situation.

Alexis came to us post fight, offering higher ranking fights should we gain the needed strength. An excellent proposition, Diary! The fame associated with such an endeavor would near exceed that which I’ve obtained on my own as a noble! Certainly something for the future. The coin he offered as recompense for such a sore loss only bolstered the quality of his offer.

Well, dearest Diary, this is where the arena story ends. The new chapter begins with the festivities following! That we barely attended… We conversed with Hubert on the cut of our winnings belonging to the clan. Then, at the mention of Felix, he appears as if summoned. It was clear he was not himself. Extremely clear.

Felix is a strong man, Diary. A man to be envied. But he stood in front of us demented. Demented and soiled. It is difficult to relay how disturbing the sight was. Some friar came at the beck of Hubert to take Felix back to his room. Hubert confessed that Felix wasn’t well. Evidently. He made it a point that we weren’t to tell anyone.

Celeste made mention of an encounter I had at the Clan moot. One of Erzette’s henchmen, Yonnie. An oversight on my part, Diary, to not realise how suspicious the encounter was. I thought nothing of the encounter, my belief being that Erzette was no longer a problem. Celeste, again, since followed this up. Finding the name of the poison, ‘silken kiss’ and its incurable properties. Life soon may become less… simple. For Felix, his life may just be less.

We were ushered by Hubert to continue daily activities. Appearances. Celeste was intent on continuing her endeavor to find whatever her benefactor had left behind. With the tip-off that the Fangs might know something, that’s where we headed.

A chat to their leader, Red Jack, resulted in us finding he had information he would trade for work. We were sent to recapture some property of his. Though, according to Celeste, property isn’t right here. Apparently humans aren’t objects, and therefore can’t be stolen.

Who knew, Diary?

Heading to a pub to find her resulted in us witnessing a clear affront to nature, Diary. So grotesque that I couldn’t pain you with a vivid description if you begged me Diary.

Orog sex.

Well we broke that up quick smart. Since humans are supposedly not property, our team decided we couldn’t capture the girl to bring her back to Red Jack unwillingly. We let her go in exchange for information on where we might find Red Jack’s fence.

A quick trip after that and there we were, diary! In a tiny corridor of compacted garbage decorated with decapitated, screaming heads! Always surprises diary, always surprises. At the end of it we found a monkey. Or two. Or one? It’s confusing, diary, Brik-a-brac is a monkey with another monkey for a butt. I know what you’re thinking Diary. And yes, one eats while the other poops out of his mouth.

Brik-a-brac wanted to trade work for the item Celeste wants so madly. Apparently we were born to fetch things for different masters, Diary! When would it end?!

So after traveling at someone else’s behest yet again, we arrive at a dig site with some old creep begging us to delve straight away. Lore keeper Winston, his name. None of that, Diary! We needed a nap. After waking, the old man floated us down to the dig site entrance. Where we were promptly beset by clickers! The trials of life, Diary!

Immediately after killing those, off we hear whimpering. Ever the dashing hero, I rush forward to find a girl being attacked by an evil, jewel-eyed, alien man! I couldn’t make this up Diary, what are you accusing me of?! I thought we were friends, Diary! More than friends!

Right, the alien! Dain killed it. Just walked up behind it and chop, chop! The girl was in distress and perhaps demented Diary. I say demented because even my charm was unable to make her stay next to me to explain the situation. Poor girl.

Well we continued into the delve site, Diary, and found complex metal total poles. Guess what they did, Diary, guess! Of course! Tried to kill us. Perhaps the world is just jealous of the gifts I was born with? Since I’m writing you, Diary, obviously we were fine. Some smashing of priceless ancient artifacts later, and here we are.

Celeste got her artifact from Brik-a-brac, and we are all safely back under the protection of clan territory. What adventures await us next? You tell me Diary! This is supposed to be a conversation and, frankly, you haven’t fulfilled your part of the social contract.

But I shan’t hold a grudge. How could I my beloved Diary?

Forever yours,
Lord Angelo Ashenglow,
The Enlightened Savior

Episode 1-4

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