Episode 1-5

Entry 34:

The group in question emerged from the delve seemingly unharmed.

Subject A appears to have remarkable training in research and eloquence for someone living in one of the poorer areas of the Rock. Recommendation to investigate Subject A’s background further.

Subject D appears to be jittery as previously noted, this could be an indication of mental instability.

Nothing of note to report at current in regards to Subject B and Subject C.

Entry 35:

The group made a deviation in the return trip to the Warden’s Tower to an Alchemists shop. Upon inquiry it was revealed that the group were inquiring into a brain acid known as the Silken Kiss. This acid is a rare commodity on the Rock and highly illegal. However it appears that the group were looking to identify it by the symptoms that it presents rather than purchasing it. The logical conclusion is that the group has recently encountered someone who has been inflected with it.

Entry 36:

The group made a brief stop at the Warden’s headquarters before heading to a drinking establishment known as Fat Lilly’s.

At the drinking establishment Subject D was approached by its previous employer and was given a suit of armor. After which Subject D consumed a large amount of liquor and proceeded to wrestle with a human wolf hybrid.

Subject A was in discussion with the Warden Quartermaster and was joined by Subject B after Subject B completed a circuit of the room. It was not possible to discern any of the information which was discussed.

Subject C displays signs of extreme discomfort and appears to be attempting to hide at the back of the establishment.

Subject D re-joined the group showing signs of excitement, the group then appeared to chase a man and a woman, later discovered to be informants to the Templars, across the rooftops. Unfortunately this investigator was unable to follow.

Entry 37:

Surveillance commenced at the usual period. The group shortly emerged from the Warden’s tower, each taking a different direction. As Subjects B and C were travelling together it was decided that they would be observed. Upon reaching the Artisan’s District Subject B left Subject C to head towards the Nobles Quarter. Subject C proceeded further into the Artisan’s District.

Subject C entered a recently burnt apothecary. It was observed that a corpse of a half orc had been displayed in the manner which the Priestesses of Malifice display those who have trespassed against one of their contracts. Due to Subject C’s enhanced senses this investigator could not proceed closer to hear what was discussed.

Entry 38:

After the arrival of a messenger the group departed the Warden’s Tower in great haste. Subject B displayed a great deal of emotional arousal.

The group entered a bordello recently raided by the Templars. After several minutes the group left the bordello with a woman’s scarf. The group soon descended into the sewerage system. Following a significant way back to avoid detection from Subject C sounds of combat could be heard. Upon approaching the area dismembered bodies, identifiable as Templars, were discovered. On further investigation Subject A and Subject D appeared to be resting after an apparent hard fought battle with Clickers and a Clicker Queen.

Subject B and Subject C were not in the room however subject C soon returned in the form of a rat quickly resuming its natural form. Subject B followed a few moments later. It should be noted that Subject B displays an increased level of emotional arousal resulting in a clear indication of its demonic based heritage. Extreme caution is recommended with any possible interactions with Subject B.

Entry 39:

The group continued through the sewers with Subject C leading, apparently following a scent on the scarf. This is another demonstrated example of Subject C’s enhanced senses. After a duration the group exited the sewers in a dilapidated area of the Rock. The group entered a building which has been inhabited by the poverty stricken. They soon left the building and returned to the Warden’s Headquarters.

Entry 40:

According to gossip a young male, not yet a man, came to visit Subject B during the night. Apparently the young male did not receive what he was after as he left sometime later. It was also discovered that the Quartermaster’s partner, known as Millie and is believed to be connected to Subject A according to earlier reports, has fallen into a coma during the night. The group has now left the Warden’s Tower and is currently on route to Red Shiv territory.

Entry 41:

The group has discovered that a church of Malifice has been attacked within the Red Shiv territory. The group proceeded to the workshop nearby to make inquiries. The group left the workshop soon after. It is rumored that the Templars are responsible for the attack on the Malifice church, however this has yet to be substantiated. On a side note it appears that one of the workshop workers prefers the Company of men, although he vehemently rejects this.

Entry 42:

The group has arrived at the noted headquarters of the Dust supplier Erzette, a character they encountered previously. The headquarters was surrounded by Black Blades who appeared to be focused on keeping something inside. This is considered abnormal as Erzette’s connections with the Black Blades is known to be amicable and even with her power she would not be able to prevent an attack from the number of Black Blades in attendance

I shall continue watch and report on the actions of the group as directed.

Episode 1-5

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