A small rural community on the Rock several hours from the Necropolis. This farming community, normally peaceful, has recently fallen under what seems to be a curse. A thick mist now envelopes the town and whispers flow through the streets. Recently there have been tales of madness, deformities and mutations.

Those brave or foolish enough to go there report of ghostly children in the streets. The citizens of Fulgrim hide in their houses but even their they aren’t safe from the madness.

The house of Durst, a minor land holder in the area, live within the town. Their coat of arms is a golden windmill on a red field. As of late their has been no sight of the family or signs of life from their manor.

The heroes have recently come to the town in the search of a relic which they believe is the cause of the town’s plight.


The Drift michael_elsby