Interlude 2-1-1

“Ash! There is a giant spider!”

Celeste points behind her to the giant green glowing spider tearing into a ratkin. Ash looks over to the spider where Kat and Dain were preparing to defend themselves. He sees one of the ratkin dash pass the spider as it is distracted with its meal and flee into the corridor. Ignoring Celeste he jumps from the crawl space and into the entry room of the complex.

Celeste watches in shock as he leaps away. She follows his movements across the floor, gasping several times as he triggers traps. Thankfully the blades flying out of the pillars malfunction just before they hit. She heaves a sigh of relief as he comes to stop, apparently waiting for something.

She turns to see the spider facing off against Dain and Kat, she flings a fire bolt at the spider striking hard. She turns back to Ash just in time to see the ratkin dart from the corridor attempting to flee for the exit and towards Ash. Celeste fires another fire bolt to defend Ash against the ratkin, however she only manages a glancing hit. With a lightning flash of steel Ash impales the ratkin in the foot and with a quick blow Ash brings the ratkin to the ground.

Celeste relaxes a little seeing that Ash is safe. However what happens next makes her tense for other reasons. The look on Ash’s face takes on a sinister appearance as he reaches down and grabs the dazed ratkin by the scruff of the neck. He smashes the ratkin’s skull into the floor. He leans down and while Celeste cannot hear what he whispers into its ear she feels a cold shudder run along her spine. He tears the rapier from the ratkin’s foot and makes several quick shallow cuts along its hide.

After a few moments of this Ash drags it to one of the traps. The trap activates and the blades fly towards the ratkin. It lets out a squeal of terror and the blades stop just before they strike the beast. A pool of urine forms on the floor. Again and again he does this to the ratkin with other traps. Celeste senses that he is using his powers to heighten the ratkin’s fear. The ratkin seems to be trying to beg for its life, its eyes wild in its helpless state. Finally, thankfully, one of the traps fully activates, rips into the ratkin and puts the poor creature out of its misery.

That look on Ash’s face afterwards though… The look of superiority and contempt, his stance saying that he believes that his actions were righteous. Celeste finds this most disconcerting of all.

Interlude 2-1-1

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