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Adventure log

Chapter 1

Episode 1-1 Prologue; smashing Erzette’s operation
Interlude 1-1-1 A Debt to the Dead
Episode 1-2 The Bone King
Episode 1-3 The Revel and Fell’s Folly
Interlude 1-3-1 A Trip to the Library
Episode 1-4 A tournament, a delve and a hunt for a skull
Episode 1-5 The Templar’s Strike
Episode 1-6 Burying the Red Shiv
Episode 1-7 Mothers and Towers
Interlude 1-7-1 A Disharmonious Threat

Chapter 2

Episode 2-1 A Nest of Rats
Interlude 2-1-1 Falling Ash
Episode 2-2 Kill Quill
Interlude 2-2-1 A Frosty Conversation
Episode 2-3 Storm’s Fall
Episode 2-4 Slum Witches and the Temple of Xillix
Episode 2-5 The Tragic Tale of the Dursts
Interlude 2-5-1 The Return of the Templars
Episode 2-6 The Durst’s Dark Secret
Episode 2-7 The Oubliette

Chapter 3

Interlude 3-1 Lord Ashenglow the Enlightened Saviour’s Splendidly Splashy Spider Spittle
Episode 3-1 Dain’s Homecoming
Episode 3-2 Questing for Scrim
Episode 3-3 Xillix Bridge is falling down
Episode 3-4 Betrayal in Netherhearth

The Drift and its Rocks

The Drift
The Rock
The Rock of Entropy

Places on the Rock

Noble District
Artisan’s District
Warden’s District
The Pit

The Orders

The Friars of Sol
The Lorekeepers of Oghma
The Priestesses of Malafice
The Templars of Vailor

Game rules





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