The Friars of Sol

Sol is the god of light, life and fertility. His tenets are:

  • Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself. Live lives of kindness, generosity and compassion, and you will know contentment.
  • Communities can only flourish with honest toil and the understanding of others. Those with the most should show charity to those with the least.
  • Be vigilant against evil. Show mercy to those who can be redeemed, and show bravery in the struggle against those that cannot.

Sol is one of the three Sleeping Gods. He rests in his haven at the heart of the Light of Sol, a 100 yard diameter sphere of radiant crystal that orbits the Rock of Sol. The Rock of Sol is a 20 mile wide Rock covered in bountiful crop fields tended diligently by the Friars.

Of the four Orders, the Friars of Sol are perhaps the weakest politically. In the past they have tended to act as a voice of moderation in the City Council, but few heed them today. Currently they focus most of their efforts on their charitable endeavours throughout the Necropolis.

The Friars and Sisters of Sol have relatively few channellers among them. Most of these channellers have powers devoted to healing and crop production, which makes them very well-liked in the communities to which they are assigned. There is also a small sub-order called the Deacons who use their powers to root out and destroy the undead.

The Friars of Sol

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