The Priestesses of Malafice

Malafice is the goddess of time, fate and death. Her tenets are:

  • Do not fear death, for it is part of the natural order. When it is your time, accept it with grace and understanding.
  • Support the endeavours of the worthy. Disregard the wicked, the foolish and the mad.
  • Be at peace with your place in the greater scheme of things. If you are destined for greatness, then do great things; if not, then humbly accept your lot in life.

Malafice is the only god who remains active, though she rarely deigns to speak to any but her most senior priestesses. She sits on her Throne of Skulls overlooking the Arena of Bone in the Rock of Malafice, which appears as a humanoid skull almost half a mile wide leering down at the Stern of the Necropolis.

The priestesses are heavily involved in the political machinations of the Necropolis. They have a reputation for pragmatism almost bordering on cynicism, and seem to epitomise the notion of “the ends justify the means”. Nevertheless, they can be relied upon to always take the long view. Their meddling has saved the Necropolis from external threats on several occasions throughout history.

The Priestesses of Malafice are tight-lipped about their powers. They are known to have healing powers which work in eerie ways, and their powers of divination are unequalled. And although the Priestesses usually eschew violence, there are rumours they have a small sub-order with terrifying powers devoted to the destruction of their enemies.

The Priestesses of Malafice

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