The Rock

The Rock of the Necropolis, usually known simply as The Rock, is the largest known Rock in the Drift. It is 50 miles wide at its widest point and well over 400 long, with its entirety covered by the Necropolis’ almost entirely abandoned structures: an endless urban landscape of vast interconnected buildings of weathered stone and marble – soaring towers, vast arches and towering monuments. At ground level they are connected by a labyrinthine series of warrens, avenues and alleys, while above ground-level, sometimes by a hundred feet or more, the structures are connected by a system of broad bridges and waterless canals suspended on enormous arches and pillars. While there are large areas of forests and overgrown grasslands on The Rock, the majority of its surface area is taken up by the buildings of the Necropolis.

It is the tip of the “Stern” of the Rock that is home to the Necropolis’ million or so disparate and largely lawless inhabitants. Close to the end point of the Stern, the buildings are in good repair, the residents are almost exclusively human, the thoroughfares are patrolled by the Templars, and violence and poverty are fairly uncommon. Also, the artifice of the Lorekeepers of Oghma keeps the population safe from the savage storms that rage in the Drift.

However, the further you travel from the Stern, the more this changes. Near the border of the derelict part of the Necropolis, the only law is the brutal and arbitrary codes enforced by the clans that hold the most power. There poverty is ubiquitous, with large sections of the population surviving on a diet of edible but foul-tasting fungi. There the people are subject to the depredations of the demons that lurk in and beneath the derelict parts of the Necropolis, and sometimes stray near looking for living prey. And there the people themselves are often not entirely human – or sometimes not even human at all.

The vast majority of the Necropolis is uninhabited save for the savage demons that lurk there. Here the storms of the Drift regularly unleash their rage onto the desolation below.

The Rock

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