(DECEASED) A hard-bitten, cynical and manipulative witch and Dust dealer.


A middle-aged woman with a lean physique dressed in practical clothing; her hair is dyed red and she seems to have a scowl permanently etched into her weathered face. Erzette.png


Erzette was a witch and small-time Dust dealer in Warden territory. Her powers were subtle and seemed to allow her to intoxicate and sedate the minds of others. She used her powers to recruit young men to serve as servants, bodyguards and bedroom companions. Long-term use of her powers seemed to permanently damage her thralls' minds – a fact about which she seemed unconcerned.


After years of faithfully paying Felix her monthly tribute, she eventually grew aggrieved with the arrangement. After withholding payment for several months she fled to Blackblade territory.

Determined to make an example of her, Felix sent the heroes to destroy her operation. They succeeded in this, killing several of her mind-thralls, but decided to spare the witch herself when she begged for mercy. Intrigued by Ash, Erzette proposed a partnership with him in furthering her future schemes. In the shadow of Cat's disapproval and Felix's wrath, Ash secretly agreed. What this would involve exactly was uncertain.

Believing Ash to be a kindred spirit – and a very useful ally – Erzette later attempted to draw him into her schemes to dominate the local Dust trade. This proved to be her undoing. Not only did he balk when she tried to make him complicit in the murder of Mithras the herbalist, he also wounded her and raised the alarm before he fled. His actions prevented her from torching the scene; this in turn meant the Ashen Seekers were able to use their powers to identify Erzette and her role in the murder. Within a day she had met their justice: she and her mind-thralls were slaughtered by an Ashen Seeker assassin.

The last time the Slum Witches saw Erzette, or what was left of her, the Charnel Maid called Stillborn Mother had animated her corpse to help defend against a possible attack by the Blackblade clan. However, Erzette’s unliving cadaver seemed noticeably twitchy – it was as though the spirit of the once-proud woman was railing against the final indignity imposed upon her.


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