Felix Genovese

(DECEASED) The former clan chief of the Wardens.


A short, muscular, clean-shaven man, with pitch-black hair; he wears a sword at his side and carries himself with an air of great confidence. Felix.png


Felix inherited the leadership of the Wardens after the death of his uncle, Vito Genovese. Vito had ruled for decades alongside his wife, Bonnie, a witch with the power to sense people's emotional states. This ability saved Vito and the clan leaders from violent treachery on several occasions. Indeed, the pair were a formidable team and the Wardens prospered under their leadership.

Since then the status of the Wardens had waned. Felix was realistic about the resources at his disposal – and his own abilities – and elected to maneuvre the Wardens into a position of ostensible neutrality in the intrigues of the clans. However, it clearly aggrieved him that the clan was no longer as great as it was.

Perhaps because his late aunt was so important to the Wardens, Felix was fairly accepting of witches and dirtbloods. He greatly appreciated the contributions of the Slum Witches to clan operations and goals, and was certainly happy to make use of their abilities. However, ever the pragmatist, he made it clear that they should be discrete where possible to avoid drawing the attention of the "less understanding". Notably, all of the clan's senior leadership were male human non-witches.

Felix had a boisterous, gregarious, larger-than-life personality. He was quick to laugh and quick to anger. This mercurial facade masked another side of him: calculating, vengeful and ruthless. He valued loyalty above all else. Those who betrayed him had made a very dangerous enemy indeed.


When Felix attempted to ruin Erzette, she responded by sending one of her mind-thralls, Yoni, to seduce and poison him. The poison used was the terrible Silken Kiss, for which there was no antidote. His lingering and ignominious death was assured. But then the unthinkable happened: Cat convinced Atrias the archon to save Felix with his miraculous healing powers.

Once restored, Felix immediately took back leadership of the clan by force of personality and by murdering Yorak, his would-be successor. Aware of the role of the Slum Witches in his recovery, he openly defied the Templars waiting at the gates. Unfortunately, they responded by using alchemical fire to topple the Warden fortress onto the Necropolis slums below.

Felix is assumed to have perished in the atrocity.

Felix Genovese

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