Episode 2-3

My dearest Diary,

My apologies for allowing such time to fall between us Diary. I’ve been busy Diary, so busy, but stress not for me Diary, it’s you that that I fear for. I’m truly sorry Diary, for letting you go so long without my touch. Allow me to explain myself;

As always I’ll dive directly into the action. Our group was re-entering the gambling den to meet with hostess-slash-‘shadow leader of the Jagged Storm’, Asp. And to gamble a little while we were at it. We practically waltzed in, Celeste on my left arm, Kat on my right. Dain had to wait outside, too scary for the place.

They’d cleaned up in preparation for us and were seemingly pulling out all the stops to sate out every desire! All desires but a personal encounter with the delightful dirt-blood Asp. An information gathering encounter, of course Diary, nothing more.

The others dealt with the gambling. I shall need to keep an eye on Celeste, she was enjoying it a little too much considering we were had a mission. After being denied a request for personal time with Asp, for information gathering only, I utilised all my devilish cunning and tact to devise a new plan; I spilled some wine on myself and requested a clean-up.

Well you wouldn’t believe it, Diary, they sent an old maid to clean me up. At least there was some interesting matter in the kitchen where I was being dabbed. Fetter, Diary. A young, twitchy man who looked strikingly similar to a description of a Jagged Storm member. I couldn’t help but affirm the suspicion and spoke to him briefly. He was restless at first, but once I asked his name and offered some kind words he seemed to settle. Lenny seemed quite the interesting young man.

Unfortunately the rest of our time in the den gave no other chances at Asp. After some guard dogs started barking, we pardoned ourselves and made our exit.

As we left, Dain mentioned he’d seen a face from his past. A dwarf face, to be exact. Quite the interesting development, Diary! But we had little time to chase it up.

Attempting to make our get away, Kat noticed Boulder patrolling our exit path. We made a snap decision to create an ambush, using a nearby household as a base. Unfortunately, Diary, the owner of that house happened upon us as we allowed ourselves in. Something I surely could’ve explained away were he not affected by some mind-altering spell!

He attacked me recklessly, hatred in his eyes. A look I’m surely not accustomed to, Diary! Thanks to the quick thinking of Celeste, the spell was traced back to the gambling den before being broken. The four of us went to investigate the source, and saw Asp, Fetter, and a newcomer. They bolted as soon as they saw us, our reputation apparently having caught us, the Slum Witches!

Well, Diary, I couldn’t allow them to run. I raptured the slightest of the three, the newcomer, sending her into spirals of ecstasy only a fraction of you surely withstand from me Diary. And so began a very strange interrogation.

Perfidy – her name – is a very slow moving and unfocused girl. Harmless enough physically but, when she pulls enough conscious thought together, quite magically powerful. We attempted to focus her long enough to ask her about the Jagged Storm. Her answers were fragmented at best, and she was more intent on giving us a different kind of information.

Celeste rejected the touch of her powers, but I allowed Perfidy to show me her visions. What I saw was wonderful, Diary. I’d created a fantastic place, Diary. Somewhere that everyone could be happy. Urchins were taken into care, people were well fed, and we had a huge witch clan roaming without fear of Templar oppression. I had made it all, Diary, had provided this place for everyone and they knew it! I was the leader here, standing amidst this perfect haven I’d created! With your support and with you by my side of course, Diary. Never without you!

It was a vision of my desires. I wanted to create a better world for everybody! Mother would be proud of my selfless motivations, how I’ve grown Diary!

Useful as this vision was for self-discovery, we did have the more pressing matter of the remaining Jagged Storm. Perfidy agreed to deliver a message to them for the organisation of a parley.

Well parley they did Diary! When we headed to their headquarters, they were all out in force, the entire Jagged Storm! Asp speaking as their leader in the guise of the less-than-eloquent Boulder. They refused our offer of peace.

It was here that I vividly remember Celeste saying some very unladylike things to Boulder, prompting him to attack us before laying down a thick fog cloud between us as cover. Intelligent girl, as always, Diary. Nearly so as yourself! Ok, you’re right, that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration. Ok, a lot of an exaggeration. Have I mentioned you look stunning today, Diary? No- not just today, every day!

I was in danger Diary!

As the cloud descended, we could make out Boulder charging, then rolling towards us! Lenny (Fetter) began to charge his power, attested to be powerful but one we hadn’t seen. I didn’t care to see it Diary, and let him know as much. I didn’t want to hurt him, or at least didn’t want him to hurt us. I called his name, and asked him to ally with us.

At this point, Dain met Boulder in full frontal force. The resulting sound and collision of them with a wall practically cracked the Rock Diary! A heartbeat later Dain was a-flurry, beating him mercilessly! Kat was similarly merciless, clawing and biting from behind. These friends I’ve grown with continue to prove themselves, Diary! It was less than a minute before the two brought Boulder down, me playing a crucial role, I assure you.

Minutes past that, Celeste’s fog cleared, revealing no members of the Jagged Storm on the other side, save for one. Lenny stood frozen in place.

The frosty twins had clearly double-teamed him from behind, and he stood before us now rock-solid, light shimmering off the moisture he was unwittingly excreting. We edged closer, Diary, stopping for fear of edging so close as to bring about the shuddering finale of this hardened figure. This figure that was such a powerful member inside the Jagged Storm.

He was dead, murdered brutally.

And so we headed past him, keen to greet the remaining members. After a brief chat to everyone, we found ourselves as the new leaders of this strange band! The Slum Witches had just gained some powerful new members, and a grand headquarters!

We set ourselves in as the new muscle in town, replacing all the duties of the now broken Jagged Storm. We would, of course Diary, provide the protection for which they paid.

We’ve only recently finished up Diary. Barda and Jayce congratulated us, Jayce practically swooned though tried to hide it. He completely lacks the class that you ooze, Diary. We are to see the Chef soon, to complete this take over.

Events remain interesting, as always Diary! And with the story told, I must again leave you. To always consider when I, next, will hold you in my arms. You’ll be always in my dreams Diary.

Forever yours,

Lord Angelo Ashenglow,
The Enlightened Saviour

Episode 2-3

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