Episode 2-1

My dearest Diary,

Oh how I despair Diary! That the world appears to despise our relationship, and tears me away from you so often and for so long. How I’ve dreamed of you in the last months Diary, the thought of again running my fingers through your supple pages is my only driving force. Without you, I’d surely have lost the will to fight and perished long ago.

Diary. The Slum Witches have been training hard for our very survival. Three months under the tutelage of Hubert, we have gained much experience. We shall have to display for you sometime, Diary. Our skills are on a completely different level!

We are prepared to survive, Diary. To face impending adversity, for us and all those beneath us that can’t defend themselves. Even I have been laying low, Diary, to strike back with advantage. For righteous vengeance on those that took our home from us. Those that killed our loved ones. Those plebeian, heartless, filthy, Templ…

Oh dear. My quill appears to have broken, Diary. How unusual! Perhaps a sign someone is dreaming of me. Good thing I carry a spare!

I’ve been rambling Diary, forgive me. I should tell you the tale of today’s events. Great they were, of course Diary! We were informed that Ratkin had raided the Pit, killing three people. Well, Diary, the Slum Witches had a duty to right this injustice. We followed their trail into the beginnings of the Underdark, intent on avenging the pathetic downtrodden people. Intent on keeping them safe.

After running through tunnels for over an hour, we sensed danger walking into a cavernous, time-worn room. Mort, a talking bauble Celeste found, was tasked with exploring the room. He identified it as an ‘Eldritch game room’. Quite a cute little trinket, Diary. Completely flavourless and without passion, however.

Mort reported enemies, and we prepared to counter the obvious Ratkin ambush. Dain charged, clanking down a precarious rubble hill, myself expertly floating down beside him. We could hear Kat striking the first blow in her new form. The wolf, Faelin, was a frightening form wielded by someone as capable as her.

The rest of us proceeded to lash at the expected torrent of Ratkin. They fell quickly to our newly attuned expertise, and we ensured that not one of the vermin was allowed to live. After clearing that obstacle, Kat found a trail that we suspected to lead to a nest. For the lowly peasants to be able to rest easy, we needed to clear that nest.

The trail led to a huge ravine, Diary. Were I only able to leave you the impression of it, alas you’ll just have to see it for yourself someday. A quick sidle took us to an obviously enchanted door, complete with a pack of Bloodwings.

Correct, Diary, we fought off those (literally) blood-thirsty fiends on a precarious ledge. Any moment could’ve led to the downfall of a party member, as we dodged, struck, and balanced. Again, our talents led to victory, Celeste ending the battle with a powerful elemental display.

Having bravely and skilfully fended off the attackers, the party then sensed the Ratkin past the door had heard something. A quick retreat, some illusory trickery, and some well-placed strikes took down no less than four of the investigating fiends.

Pressing the advantage we ran to the enchanted door, Celeste throwing it open to reveal Dain to the vermin past it. He must’ve been at least as scary to them as he is to us, Diary, because they ran fearfully further inside.

The presence of traps was obvious, and we carefully picked our way through. With just a look at the enemy forces, Dain ensured no harm came to the party. With slightly more than that, he ensured that a lot of harm came to the enemy forces. Stunning to watch, Diary, as always.

While the bulk of the pests were exterminated by the others, I saw one attempting to flee. Undoubtedly with the intention of causing further harm. I took a high passage to curb it off and swiftly danced past fully functioning, deadly traps to curb it off. Artfully, Diary, I took the deadly creature out! Ensuring it had time to reflect on its nefarious actions, I struck it down. I stopped it from running, then pushed it into one of the deadly traps I’d just evaded. An understanding of retribution washed over the creatures face as the blade dug in. The memory of killing human innocents clearly still fresh in the beast’s simple mind. I watched as the light left its beady eyes.

It felt good to be a hero.

Re-joining the group, I’d found that the party had killed many of the vermin as well as a dangerous looking giant spider. They hadn’t however, destroyed all of the Ratkin. More of the vermin were in the back, but Dain was insistent that they could be reformed. Reformed Diary, can you believe it?! These aren’t creatures like you or I, they aren’t capable of compassion or love. I looked to Kat to scold Dain, as she had so often scolded me, but found her agreeing! These friends of mine, Diary! Kat has been acting strange ever since the encounter with that angel. If the Templars have done something to her, Diary, no force on the Rock will stop my retribution.

Well, Diary, after hopefully saving the general populace from the Ratkin threat it was time for us to retire back to Barda’s. Celeste indicated that there was a passage further in the place, and we intend to return there.

The townspeople were extremely grateful for our actions, Diary. The four of us were happy to be out doing good again. Celebrations were short-lived, however, as two members of the Jagged Storm witches stormed into the bar. The half-orc, Jolt, clearly stimmed up on something. I attempted to be diplomatic, but we regrettably had to put the junkie down. The others attempted to clean up the mess while I made friends with the other witch, Fade.

There are so many witches about these days, Diary! It’s very unusual. You’d tell me if you were a witch, wouldn’t you? You could tell me, Diary, I’d certainly keep your secret. I’d do anything for you Diary, anything in my power.

Anyway, again regrettably, Fade didn’t want to end things amiably. All I can do is my best, Diary! Some people just don’t want to see the right way. The slippery fool evaded us, things looked dire, Diary.


Fortunately Barda came to our rescue. Perhaps we can yet avoid unnecessary bloodshed with the rest of the Jagged Storm. Though I suppose no real loss if we need to destroy them, Diary! Time will tell!

One last thing happened today that was intriguing. The appearance of another half-blood; Jayce. He’s stunning. Stunning and charismatic. I feel he could almost keep up with me! I certainly feel a connection that I haven’t felt with others. Amongst these feelings of admiration though, something seems off. I’ll have to keep two keen eyes on this one; fortunate that he’s easy on them.

Don’t be like that Diary! You know no one could replace you. What we have.

I’ll stay with you eternally, my beloved Diary. Just promise me the same!

Forever yours,

Lord Angelo Ashenglow,
The Enlightened Saviour

Episode 2-1

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