Episode 3-2

My Dearest Diary,

How I have longed for this meeting Diary. Truly, the only good that has come from my stay in this squalid place is my chance meeting with you. The chance that will undoubtedly entwine the rest our very lives together. Know that there has been none other like yourself before our meeting. You are my first, and only, true love. And know, too, that there will never be another after you. So long as you give all of yourself to me, as I give you. My dearest Diary.

These people, Diary, these dwarves. They cannot keep up with me Diary! It’s true, a very select few people can, bit these dwarves spend an eternity considering my words before talking back to me. It’s infuriating Diary! Kat is actually having an easier time of talking to them. Kat!

She made friends with a girl named Kiki. A dwarf girl who spends her time knee deep in Nug refuse. I’m not sure how Kat stands it, honestly! She’s the one that told us about the filth fever which is affecting the dwarves. The same one that Celeste seems to have matched some of her symptoms to. I worry about that girl sometimes. Of course, she could never compare to you Diary, she’s just a friend.

Seb, Kiki’s father, practically begged us to save his people. Again it fell to me, Diary, to save more pathetic, weak peasants. It seems they are more useless every time! Fortunate for them all that I’m here to save them.

As we were leaving, another dwarf came up to me. We’d met before, other dwarves don’t like him. Which is perhaps why I do, Diary. He’s driven. He wants the Slum Witches to help him force the current dwarven leadership out. To do what needs to be done to save these plebeians by bringing them to the surface of the rock, where they are free from the Ratkin.

So I did what any hero would do, Diary, I accepted his offer to depose the current leadership. After saving his people from disease of course. So the Slum Witches set out, ready to face whatever evils appear before us. The first of which came quickly.

We had been warned that the filthy vermin Ratkin had taken over many parts of the tunnels leading to the healing fungus. A tip which proved true as we made our way up along an underground rapid. A large group of Ratkin were atop a spire in the centre of the rapid up ahead. In the centre of it, one of those disgusting half-dead rat oracles sitting in the centre.

They were doing… something. I’m sure it was evil, Diary. These creatures aren’t educated and good looking like you or me. They’re fowl, and that is why we cannot understand them. Cannot allow them to live.

Kat went rat form (more elegant than these creatures I assure you, if still somewhat unsophisticated) to position between the creatures before Celeste dumped a huge cloud of fog upon them. While I couldn’t see what was going on, I very quickly hear the tell-tale roar of Kat, followed by several splashes. Knowing my teammates, she had almost certainly already taken out the rat woman in a quick strike.

Dain and I burst into the fray, with Celeste throwing fire-y pot-shots through the fog. We killed them all Diary. Hunted down every last one of those dirty creatures, ensuring they could never hurt someone again. They will no longer taint the Rock with the sin of their lowly existence.

The Slum Witches continue to prove ourselves mighty, Diary! Following up the assault, we ran towards more of the wretches. Following the directions given to us by the peasant dwarves. Hours passed again before we came upon yet another shocking sight. Normally I wouldn’t tell such a delicate flower such as yourself, but I can feel that you have the spine for it.

Inside a cave, we saw the affront to all that is beautiful and good. We saw a mother of the Ratkin. A slavering, giant thing tended by a gross excuse for midwives. Fetus after fetus was spat out from this thing, dead ones being fed back to it. All it took was a glance, Diary, and we knew we had to destroy this thing.

The Slum Witches are too smart for a full frontal assault that would fail. We devised a simple plan to kill this thing with a huge stalactite. First, I positioned myself on one side of the cave. Kat turned into a rat, to be thrown by Dain. At the peak of her assent, she turned back into a human and bellowed at the stalactite. Before she landed, I spat a web between two stalagmites to catch her. As soon as she landed, Celeste performed her piece of the plan, firing up the web to free Kat.

The plan went completely perfectly, of course, Diary. Simplicity ensured it. A slight addendum required us to hit the piece with a stone to finish it off (Courtesy of Kat) but it was mostly the plan working.

The stalactite fell, and crushed the abominable rat factory. A quick exit needed to follow, we darted from the room as hundreds of the disgusting Ratkin filed in through holes all around the cavern. We ran, Diary, heroically ran to fight another day.

It wasn’t long before we made it to something more surprising than what we’d already run into.

Griselda is a dwarf. Another thoroughly boring one I’m sure. She’d contacted Celeste through a dream or something. I’m not quite sure what that girl does in her spare time. Apparently she came with a premonition.

The Slum Witches needed to cross a bridge, one we’d know was significant when we saw it. It was imperative that we did as soon as we saw it.

And that was what we found, Diary. The bridge in one direction, the healing fungus in another, an army of Ratkin at our backs.

A difficult decision before us Diary. One almost as hard as the one I must make to finish this conversation. I care deeply for you Diary, know that I’ll return to you my one and only.

Forever yours,

Lord Angelo Ashenglow,
The Enlightened Saviour

Episode 3-2

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