The Drift


The pale orange of the Drift stretches away in all directions, an eternity of open space. Suspended in the endless void are Rocks of widely varying scales: some have widths measured in dozens of yards; others are measured in dozens of miles. From underneath, most resemble steep inverted hills. However, their upward-facing surfaces hold innumerable wonders: landscapes of molten lava, others covered in vast swathes of tropical jungle or icy tundra, and others even stranger still.

The Rocks of the Drift are connected by enormous chains of unknown origin. The links are over a hundred yards across, and made of an indestructible black metal. They are always visible from the surface, criss-crossing the sky above as a metal network of incalculable size.

If one travels too far from a Rock, the air gets thinner and the temperature drops dramatically. Also, the Drift is home to violent storms of wind and lightning that ravage any Rock bereft of magical protection.

The Drift

The Drift michael_elsby