The Lorekeepers of Oghma

Oghma, also called The Ancient, is the god of reason, knowledge and magic. His/her tenets are:

  • Seek out ideas, both forgotten and new. Assess the merits of all ideas objectively, and always question your assumptions.
  • Share your knowledge freely. People can only flourish when they are well-informed and well-educated.
  • Recognise the primacy of the rational mind. Do not allow yourself to become encumbered by the distractions of emotion.

Oghma is one of the three Sleeping Gods. He or she (for it is unclear whether the god is male, female or neither) rests in the Great Library, a vast complex of interconnected buildings that takes up the entire surface area of the Rock of the Ancient.

The Lorekeepers of Oghma have considerable power in political circles, but are reluctant to take sides in any partisanship. Rather, they prefer to offer unbiased advice and practical solutions to any problems besetting the Necropolis. However, these solutions are rarely provided for free – this has led to criticism of the increasingly mercantile nature of the order.

An ability to channel is a prerequisite to being a Lorekeeper. The individual powers of the Lorekeepers tend to be fairly unspectacular. However, they make up for this lack of firepower with a broad diversity of lesser abilities. Most Lorekeepers aren’t much good in a straight-up fight, but given enough time and resources they can find a way to resolve almost any problem.

The Lorekeepers of Oghma

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