The Pit

Commonly thought of as the slums of the slums the Pit is an unwelcoming area of the Necropolis where the worst scum, those desperate to vanish or those who have no other choice live. Rather than being operated by clan leaders like much of the Necropolis the Pit is controlled by various crime lords, such as the Chef.

The Pit’s structure is a huge crevice in the Rock riddled with tunnels. Two huge waterfalls plummet into the Pit creating a great rushing river at its base before the water flows out into the endless void. It has been known for people to fall into the river and be flung out into the void.

Within the Pit are such locales as Barda’s Bosom and The Welcoming Pits.

Barda’s Bosom

Owned and operated by the half giant Barda for several decades Barda’s Bosom is a popular drinking establishment in the Pit. While raucous Barda’s tree like arms of corded muscle are usually enough to even the most drunk person rethink starting any trouble.

The Welcoming Pits

The Welcoming Pits is an extensive brothel located in a large cavern within the Pit. The madame of the Welcoming Pits is a tall slender woman who shares many similarities to a fungus. The spores which she releases creates a euphoric state for those entering the Welcoming Pits. The “rooms” which are utilised for those seeking physical gratification are large domed tents spread throughout the cavern.

The Pit

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