The Templars of Vailor

Vailor is the god of justice, honour and law. His tenets are:

  • Be obedient to legitimate authority and the law. Without them, society will collapse into anarchy.
  • Comport yourself with honour and honesty. Condemn deviousness and treachery wherever you see it.
  • The misuse of magic is anathema to the Gods. Show no mercy to witches and malefactors.

Vailor is one of the three Sleeping Gods. He rests in the Iron Citadel, a vast fortress made entirely of metal with vast blade-like towers that rise hundreds of feet from the Rock of Vailor.

The Templars of Vailor are very active in the politics of the Necropolis. They are the main force for law and order, and their words and demands carry a great deal of weight. They have a reputation for implementing harsh and reactionary solutions to political and social problems. In particular, they are overtly antipathetic to witches and malefactors – and their definition of these terms is becoming increasingly broad.

Most Templars are simply highly trained, heavily armoured warriors. Those who can channel have powers that bolster allies or overwhelm enemies with psychic effects. Many of their channellers are Inquisitors who are tasked with neutralising hostile users of magic.

The Templars of Vailor

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